About UDS

Upstream and Downstream Services has been formed to cater expanding industry demand particularly in the field of hydrocarbon exploration, production, transmission and distribution as well as in mining, geotechnical and environmental investigation, remediation and management of water resources.

To provide dedicated & state of the art services ,Upstream and Downstream Services (UDS) has been formed as a technical associates of Khaja A/S Engineering Company.

UDS has assembled well experienced Geoscientists, Engineers, Drilling and Seismic Crews, EHS Experts, Logistic Planners, Land Permitting personnel in its team from national & international organizations / institutions.

A committed team has been groomed to provide HRM, EHS, CSR, Outsourcing and Land Permitting Services in addition to Petroleum Operations Consultancy.

UDS along with Khaja built a strong working relationship with world renowned organizations like Daewoo, BGP Inc., CNPC, Geokinetics and chalked out permitting and logistic planning for international seismic companies for onshore seismic campaign.

UDS is also committed to provide safe water as social responsibility to arsenic prone areas in Bangladesh in collaboration with Humane Water Corporation , Kansas, USA and installed more than 50 self invented and designed filters.

UDS has been providing land related services to KrisEnergy Bangladesh Limited of ongoing projects and providing technical services and Seismic Crew in offshore 2D seismic operation for SINOPEC for Blocks SS-4 & SS-9 in the Bay of Bengal.